former Welcome to In Spite of Thunder

Hi and welcome on my music journey!
In Spite of Thunder started in 2018. I write acoustic piano and vocals ballads to bring some peace in this world.

I am currently preparing to record the new album, meanwhile you can listen to the instrumental versions of my songs here:

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  • Letter to my 21yo self
    I am so proud of you. You followed your dreams. You travelled. You attended many live shows. You worked with crazy talented people. You are stronger than you think.You put […]
  • Reclaiming my long lost dream
    Sometimes you don’t dare to dream because it seems too big, too beautiful, and you don’t feel like you deserve it. So you keep that dream somewhere in the back of your mind.
  • New music cover : AFI-The leaving song
    Hi!Emo one day, Emo always as they say !I loved AFI’s album Sing the sorrow, and this track was my favorite. I usually cover it on guitar but today I […]

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