Drama Queen

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Drama Queen is my first Atmospheric Gothic Metal song!
With classical singing and transverse flute over haunting piano melodies, it’s an emotional song on vulnerability.
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In Spite of Thunder is a solo music project by Cathy, a French gothic composer, classically trained singer, jazz flutist and self-taught pianist. After releasing first instrumental piano album For the restless-Acoustic Dreams in 2020, Cathy decided to embrace her love for gothic music and black metal and started composing catchy melancholic piano based emotional gothic rock.

Drama Queen, the first single of In Spite of Thunder dark gothic era, is a romantic atmospheric goth metal song.

It’s a post break-up dialog between a delicate Soprano operatic voice naively placing its hopes in the return of the loved one and a lower modern voice resentful for the toll the relationship had on them. In Spite of Thunder signature haunting piano melodies benefit from a dramatic gothic rock production including ethereal transverse flute.

Exploring the vulnerability of human interactions, In Spite of Thunder new songs touch on chronic illness, narcissistic abuse, grief, mental health and hope to bring some light to the gloomy days of the listeners.

While the piano arpeggios may remind you of Evanescence, the vocals will rejoice the fans of Liv Kristin, Lindsay Schoolcraft (ex Cradle of Filth) and Loreena McKennit.

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