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Atmospheric Gothic Metal
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In Spite of Thunder is a French Gothic inspired classically trained singer, songwriter, lyricist and multi-instrumentist.
After releasing instrumental piano tracks from 2019 to 2021, I have now also started releasing gothic metal.
I am currently recording an acoustic piano and vocals solo album and a gothic metal album with In Spite of Thunder.

Drama Queen

My first Atmospheric Gothic Metal song Drama Queen came out on November 25th 2022!

Piano and vocals covers and originals


On May 15th 2023, we released the Symphonic Metal version of Drama Queen under The Sirin Elegy:

Since Octobre 2021 I joined Traditional Blackened Gothic Doom band Spell of Enchantress as operatic soprano. On December 1st 2023 we released our first album Lost Prayers Of Those Forever Gone.
The CD is available here.

Fancy some relaxing instrumental piano music?
Listen to my instrumental piano releases:

Listen to all of my music on your favorite streaming platform: https://linktr.ee/InSpiteofThunder
Or to support me directly, you can buy my songs here:


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