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I am having a bit of a hard time realizing we are half way through 2024 already.

I started the year with a trip to French Brittany to see the John Howe exhibit which was an incredible experience. He truly is a fantastic artist.

Quimper Cathedral

I visited Quimper’s magestic cathedral and shot videos that I then used for our cover of Broken, the iconic duo between Seether and Amy Lee.

For that video I made a new dress, this time not black. An old yellow bedsheet, vintage lace, and lots of machine embroidery.

I applied to book my first show, which was supposed to be an acoustic guitar and vocals duo set for In Spite of Thunder.

Recording booth

And I went back into the recording studio for some vocal takes for my acoustic album. That album discloses a different aspect of my voice, it’s intimate, delicate, nurturing. I can’t wait to share it with you!


I was booked for the show but my guitarist couldn’t make it, so I decided to sing the metal versions solo. Plenty of rehearsals lead to a really cool show! I will upload all the live videos soon!

I met new singing students and it was really sweet watching them get out of their shell and make progress.

There were plenty of walks in Paris, meeting friends, baking nice gluten-free-cakes.

I released a few acoustic covers on Youtube

And then my health stopped cooperating.

I had a 3 weeks severe bacterial bronchitis, a singer’s nightmare, followed by 2 months of my neurological condition getting out of control. I ended hospitalized for a few days.

I feel like I have been missing out on so much, so if I have, am sorry.

It seems like I need to rethink my music career. We’ll see. Right now I have to push back all recording sessions.

For now I am grateful to be here, a bit dizzy and disheveled.

How about you? How are you holding on?

Big hugs

Take care

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