I found my 2010 unreleased album

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Saturday, January the 14th

It’s the dead of winter in Paris. On a whim, I have decided to do something I have been planning for a full year now: create the embroidered patches for the merch of my 2 bands, In Spite of Thunder and Spell of Enchantress.

I load the digitized artwork on an old flashdrive I found in a drawer. Spend more time getting used to the machine settings than actually getting it to work but it’s getting somewhere.

I get back home, and decide to check the old content of the flashdrive.

And low and behold, there is my unreleased album from 2010, Lullabies before dawn.

I thought I had lost it.

Now, this was recorded with crappy gear and the audio quality of most of the songs is poor. But there is one song that may be decent enough for publishing. and I am wondering wether I should try to salvage it.

2010 was a dark era for me. If you know, you know. Composing this album was cathartic. And hard. These lyrics still sting.

Maybe it’s time I released that song to wave the past goodbye.

And funnily enough, it’s one of the few songs I composed on guitar. I am self-taught, and really not good at playing guitar but there is something comforting about holding your instrument in your arms.

Should I salvage the song and release it?

Comment below and let me know!

Thank you!

Take care,


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