Succeeding To Grow As A Musician In 2021: 12 Achievements!

Blog, News ! / Monday, January 3rd, 2022

Am I the only one feeling like 2021 went by way too fast?

I feel like I have grown so much as a musician in 2021.

Behind the scene, I have been super busy learning new skills, practicing my instruments, taking classes, and of course writing songs.

January 2021:

To start the year by challenging myself, I enrolled in a songwriting and production class to write better songs and hopefully produce other musicians some day. Soon I realized working on an old computer out of GarageBand was stalling me, so I decided to start upgrading my music gear, which started by investing in a Scarlett audio unit from Focusrite.

audio unit scarlett focusrite music musician DAW sound engineer producer recording
Focusrite Scarlett Audio Unit

February 2021:

I finished setting up my new home studio, including a new laptop with Logic DAW and a Shure SM7B microphone.
As a musician, having gear that doesn’t get in the way of composing is a blessing !

Musician home studio music microphone
Home studio

March 2021:

After so many of you compared me to Evanescence, I thought I’d record a cover of My Immortal.
By the way, don’t forget to suscribe to my Youtube channel to watch more covers like this one !

April 2021:

I composed and released an instrumental piano piece called Happy Memories. This relaxing song was inspired by the cherry trees in bloom. It’s meant to be a breath of fresh air in the chaos of the world.
Happy Memories is available on all streaming platforms here and in my eshop here (remember if you suscribe to my newsletter here you get a discount available on all products of the eshop !).

You can find the Happy Memories cherry trees in bloom merch by clicking here!

May 2021:

To celebrate spring, I bought a new guitar!
Being able to visit a music shop, discuss with musicians and find the right instrument was a lovely experience!

musician music instrument electro acoustic guitar
Electro acoustic guitar

June 2021:

While I kept writing new songs it became obvious I had to embrace my gothic culture and shift from instrumental music to fully produced songs with vocals. As always, long walks in nature helped me through tough times.

July 2021:

I covered an old song from Nine Inch Nails on my brand new guitar. I started exploring new aspects of my voice with a new vocal coach and feel amazed how far I’ve come since I started singing again 5 years ago.

August 2021 :

With summer came more songwriting. More trying to find the right team. More walks by the sea.
And more exploring my voice, trying to cover songs out of my comfort zone.
Also, I designed my very first merch line and modified the logo for In Spite of Thunder to fit the gothic aesthetic.

September 2021:

As Autumn gets closer, I start to realize I have 4 different music projects and it’s highly time I get organized and get things moving.

In Spite of Thunder

October 2021:

I turn 37!
I put my laptop in my suitcase, hop on a plane and spend a couple weeks writing songs in Spain.
Loving challenges as always, I audition for a new music project and start rehearsing it like crazy.
Because it requires me to use my high pitched operatic voice, it’s fun to explore this part of my voice again! I can’t wait to share it with you!
It was always my dream to travel as a musician and I finally feel like I have fulfilled that dream !

Sunset on the beach in Spain

November 2021:

In my life-long quest to become a better singer, I decided to take new operatic singing classes. Reconnecting with this aspect of my voice feels like greeting a long lost friend.
I started my journey to produce other artists by working with 2 talented french musicians.
I played the flute again, working on a black metal cover.


December 2021:

I contacted my producer and sent her a first single.

2021 as a musician was a busy year!

My neurological condition flared up several times and I ended up twice at the ER. Some collabs didn’t work out. Some songs didn’t turn out that great. But I did my best.

More importantly, I met you all. Talking to you is what makes this journey incredible!

Thank you. May 2022 bring you peace and happiness.

Take care,


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