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  1. Hello,
    Congrats on your new symphonic metal mix of Drama Queen. The vocal harmonies sound great, and instruments as well. I love how you sing your songs, rather than grunt, and scream like most metal bands.

    On this new mix I didn’t care for the flanger effect over the vocals. While it did give an interesting diminished effect I thought the original chorus effects sounded great from your last release. Also I liked the melody you sang “In your loving arms” (gg, a#, c, a-natural) in the original better.

    I wish you all well, and look forward to hearing more from you.

    1. Hi Andrew! Thank you so much for your detailed review of this version of Drama Queen!
      I will make sure to pass it on to the producer of this version, my bandmate Sermilion in Spell of Enchantress.
      I have a blog post about the various versions this song has been through!
      And I will keep your comment in minds when recording the vocals for the album version!
      I can technically do a bit of fry scream, which is fun, but not really suitable for In Spite of Thunder, which has more of a dramatic romantic gothic feeling.
      I hope to learn to growl someday, just out of curiosity and to be able to cover some good old black metal, but I think it’s important to use those types of vocal effects only when the song or lyrics require them!

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