2023 so far

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It’s easy to write endless lists of goals we want to achieve. And to-do lists are useful for sure.
But it’s also important to acknowledge what we have achieved.
I may not have ticked every single box on my 2023 to-do list just yet, but I have done so much that wasn’t planned.
Here’s a quick recap of 2023 so far:

I was lucky to attend some really amazing shows.
Witnessing Apocalyptica and Epica, 2 of my favorite bands, perform together on the same stage in Paris was absolutely magical. I haven’t had the time yet to upload the videos, but it was incredible.
It was also a treat to attend shows in small venues, from everything from pop to metal. Sometimes on a boat. I love boats.

Fantastic new people entered my life. Old friends came over to visit. It just feels lovely being surrounded by so much love and enthusiasm.

Things got serious with my Blackened Gothic Doom band Spell of Enchantress and we released our third single Spell Of Enchantress, I am nearly finished recording our first album and we lauched the pre-sales for our first CD (secure yours here!). We are floored by our fans support, it means so much!

My Spell of Enchantress bandmate also did a Symphonic Metal version of my first solo single Drama Queen, released under the Sirin Elegy project.

On the In Spite of Thunder front, we have finished the guitars, and I am recording the vocals demos and looking for the right sound.
We also had our first rehearsal, as we hope to play an acoustic gig soon. I am also composing album number 2.

There is still so much I want to achieve: go back to production classes, work with more artists, be more comfortable on stage, start all the fun collabs I have on the back burner.

I am so grateful for 2023 so far.
Thank you all for your patience and kindness
Take care,

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