Good News ! An update on my new gothic rock music!

Music, News ! / Sunday, July 31st, 2022

Hi everyone !
I haven’t been very active on here lately, as I was pretty busy with all the new music happening!

Here is a recap of what I have been doing these past months:

I published a new acoustic music cover on my Youtube channel (follow me on Youtube here) :

Duo with Onryo Over October (UK)

I released the video for my Traditional Blackened Gothic Doom Metal band Spell of Enchantress (follow us on Youtube here)

But what about In Spite of Thunder ?
Exactly one year ago, I was wondering which artistic direction I wanted for In Spite of Thunder.
Of course I love what I have released so far : my first album For the restless in 2020 and my single Happy memories in 2021.

As much as I love the relaxing instrumental piano tracks, In Spite of Thunder was never meant to be an instrumental project.

I originally released the songs with vocals but due to poor audio quality I decided to use the piano versions while I recorded better material.
But I kept writing new songs, darker songs.
I am proud to say I finally decided to embrace my love for goth music and metal in general.
I teamed up with a wonderful black metal producer and an epic metal guitarist.
And right now they are transforming my piano and vocals ballads into amazing headbanging gothic rock songs.

In the next newsletter, I will share with you a snippet of the first single !
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Can’t wait !
Thank you so much for your support
Take Care

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