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Hi everyone !

I hope you are holding on, wherever you are.
I have been quiet in here as I am super busy writing a lot of lovely new music (and honestly I am more active on my Instagram account, you can follow me here!).

I recently stumbled upon a video of me playing my first single Breathe. It was released during autumn 2019 and boy does it still hit me. It is dedicated to those struggling with physical and mental health and addictions.

This is the original version of the song, with beautiful lyrics.

Due to issues with the audio recording quality of my first album For the restless, I decided to withdraw it from store and learn more about the technicalities of music production. 
This is why at the moment only the acoustic version of the album, called For the restless – Acoustic Dreams, is available here.

If you would like me to re-record Breathe with the lyrics and release it, let me know in the comments of the youtube video here !
Thank you for supporting me in my music journey!
Take care Cathy

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