Improve your self-esteem by journaling daily achievements

Blog, Music Business, News ! / Saturday, October 24th, 2020

I know a lot of you struggle with mental health, wether you are an artist or not.
Sadly, I know the demon of low self-esteem way too well.
So I have decided to create a serie of posts to share tips that help me on my mental health journey.

1/ Keeping a journal of your activity.

I learnt this tip at business school last year.
The usual journaling my emotions never did the trick for me, but this technique has really boosted my self-esteem as a songwriter.

Have a notebook where you write down everyday not only your to-do list, but also detail everything you actually did.
I currently work both on music and photography, so I keep separate journals for each activity.
For instance, in the music journal, I write down what I have done daily in terms of songwriting (melodic hooks, chord progressions, lyrics but also software issues for example…), in terms of music business (sending emails, PRO paperwork..), and in terms of online presence (posts on instagram, facebook, website updates, newsletter…).

We all write to-do lists.
And we all feel like failures when we don’t complete them.
But comparing your to-do list with everything you have actually done that day forbids you from telling yourself you were lazy and wasted your time.
In conclusion, you may not have finished editing your video but you may have contacted a cool artist for a collab.
Pat yourself on the back! You did great !
I may not have been very active here, but I have been composing a lot of new music and I have released Acoustic Dreams, my instrumental album, therefore I don’t guilt trip myself.
Being a songwriter is a marathon, not a sprint !

Do you keep track of your daily achievements ? What methods do you use daily to improve your mental health ?

I’m always happy to discuss mental health, follow me on my instagram and send me a message !

Take care of yourself !😘

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