New Youtube cover : Blood from a stone – Lindsay Schoolcraft

Blog, Covers, Music, News ! / Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

In 2019, Lindsay Schoolcraft, keyboardist for Cradle of Filth, released her debut solo album Martyr. Listening to this album was an incredibly cathartic moment for me and I am forever grateful it exists. Have you eve had this moment where you listen to an album and lose it all ?

Blood from a stone is very dear to me. It’s a haunting, heart-wrenching ballad with beautiful lyrics.

Recently I was improvising on the piano and started playing chords that could make for a decent cover so I asked Lindsay if I could post a video cover on youtube and she very kindly encouraged me to do so.
So here it is.

It was very difficult not to burst in tears and yeah that’s me choking towards the end.

Fill your life with beauty, you deserve it.

Also, yes, I sewed that pinguins shirt. Cause that was the cutest fabric ever.

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