Which Streaming services pay artists better?

Blog, Music Business, News ! / Friday, December 11th, 2020

You may have heard the news that musicians were petitioning for Spotify to pay artists a better rate per streaming?

Well that didn’t work out. And I realized most people have no idea how little musicians earn on each stream and digital sell.

So here are the numbers :

Option 1 : buying from the artist directly

When you buy from my online shop here, I earn 100% of what you pay minus the potential transaction fees. For example Acoustic dreams is 8€ for 8 tracks so I earn 1€ per song if you buy by check. If your pay via Paypal I receive 7,42€.

Option 2 : buy from a digital distributor

iTunes : my songs sell for 0.99€ each, I receive $0.90298372677833 or 0,75€

GooglePlay is cancelled at the end of the year.
I was getting $6.112063402197 or 5,05€ per album of 8 songs

Amazon my songs sell for 0,99€ and I get $0.645929 or 0,53€

Options 3 : Streaming

Youtube : $0.00069 or 0,00057€ per stream

YoutubeRed : $0.006128999972 or 0,0051€

Spotify : $0.00437 or 0,0036€ per stream

Deezer : $0.0064 or 0,0053€ per stream

Tidal : $0.0125 or 0,010€ per stream

Napster : $0.019 or 0,016€ per stream

Amazon Unlimited :
$0.010256626562 or 0,0085€ per stream

Disclaimers : these numbers come from my distributor’s accountancy, Distrokid, for 2019 and 2020. I am an independant artist so I do not have a label. Artists who depend on a label will get a smaller share.

Long story short, buying directly from artists is the best way to support them. Wether that is music or merch!

Where do you listen to music?
Did you know about these numbers?

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